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Episode 48: Peter Thompson (Responding to climate risk)

Episode 48: Peter Thompson (Responding to climate risk)

Today’s episode is the 4th in the theme Responding to Climate Risk, brought to you in partnership with the Australian Farm Institute. Check out episodes 42, 44 and 46 to hear more on this theme. 

Today’s guest is Peter Thompson, a farmer based in rural Queensland, Australia that has been farming regeneratively before the word existed. He and his wife Nicki run grassfed beef cattle, do broadacre cropping, and have about 6000 acres of wilderness conservation country.

His farming philosophy has developed over a lifetime on the land, and in this episode he shares his insights about:

  • Finding compromises that are truly win-win;

  • Avoiding the temptation of silver bullet solutions;

  • The long list of technologies they’ve adopted; and

  • The importance of balance.