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Episode 40: Tim Rethus (Getting AgTech Ready #1)

Episode 40: Tim Rethus (Getting AgTech Ready #1)

Tim Rethus and his family are cropping farmers near Horsham in Victoria, Australia. They are early adopters and innovators who are leveraging best practices achieve their commitment to “sustainable, low cost farming”.

Tim has some valuable insights to share about adopting (and building) new technology, where to look for inspiration, deciding to shift to a whole new farming system, and more.

This episode is the first of four that we will be releasing on the theme of “getting agtech ready.” This theme is brought to you in partnership with Decipher, an easy-to-use precision agriculture solution helping growers and agronomists in 60 countries make data driven decisions. To learn more about Decipher, visit their website or follow them on twitter.

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