Episode 21: Seana Day on what's hot in livestock and dairy tech

Seana Day brings a diverse background in agriculture, finance, and technology to the agtech sector where she is a Partner at Better Food Ventures. Seana also tracks nearly 1,500 agtech companies in her Market Maps through her role as Partner at The Mixing Bowl.

Seana's background gives her a unique and valuable perspective on the evolution of the agtech sector, and what the future holds. In this episode, we discuss:

  • how more and more growers are adopting a digital strategy, and what it means for agtech entrepreneurs and investors
  • whether the specialty crop market is behind or ahead in terms of tech adoption, and why
  • silicon valley vs. agtech ecosystems around the world
  • the fundamentals that agtech VCs look for when making investments, and when VC might not be a good fit
  • what it's like to be raising a $30M venture capital fund for agtech
  • what farmers are looking for (and not) in the livestock and dairy sectors

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