Episode 25: Dr Jaci Brown on the weather and researchers working with agtech startups

Jaci Brown is a senior research scientist, team leader for the weather and climate decisions team,  and co-coordinator of Digital Agriculture at CSIRO. Jaci has an inherent passion for math, a profound interest in climate science, and a PhD in Ocean and Atmosphere Dynamics from University of New South Wales. She also thrives as a researcher, especially when she gets to interact with farmers and figure out how her research can help them solve real world problems

Jaci’s drive to be involved in the future of weather and climate technology is obvious and contagious. In this episode, recorded at the Australian Farm Institute Conference in Sydney, Jaci discusses how her role as a researcher has evolved as CSIRO has  invested in efforts to increase collaboration with industry., A big aspect of what Jaci does now is talk with farmers about their problems, and how her team’s research can be useful.She also touches on the significance of change and failure, the dynamics of researcher-startup relationships, and what she sees for the future of weather and climate technology, including:

  • Valuable insight on building confidence and gaining trust amidst failure and change

  • The differences between the mindsets of researchers and entrepreneurs, and how the two groups can effectively work together

  • Exciting new technologies, ideas, and opportunities that will drastically improve human interactions with weather forecasting

Find out more about Jaci at jacibrown@CSIRO.edu or https://www.yieldprophet.com.au/yp/ Home.aspx.

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