Episode 23 - Allison Kopf on redefining what it means to farm

Allison Kopf is the CEO of Agrilyst, a software company enabling indoor farmers to make data driven decisions. A virtual agronomist, as they say on their website. Though Allison didn't grow up on a farm, she has more experience than almost anyone at developing technology for the indoor farming industry. 

Allison also recently tweeted out a list of women in agtech who she'd like to see on more panels. "The industry is full of innovative women, why aren't they represented on panels...I want to hear what they have to say". 

In this episode, we cover why she wrote that post, and what has happened since. We also talk a lot about Agrilyst and the state of indoor farming, including: 

  • how indoor farming is a attracting a whole new type of farmer, and why that's not always a good thing
  • the biggest challenge that indoor farmers face, and how solving this challenge with revolutionize financing in agtech
  • the different types of indoor farming systems, how they differ, and how they're changing with technology
  • crops that you can and cannot grow inside- both physically and economically- and the implications for feeding our growing population

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