Episode 22: Kevin Heikes with perspectives on agtech from over 20 years in the space 

Kevin Heikes was part of agtech before it was agtech. He's been involved in four different agtech startups, including his latest venture, In10t.

In this episode, we dig into his perspectives on agtech from over 20 years in the space, including: 

  • Hard earned lessons from 4 agtech startups, and what it feels like to have a farmer customer call to say you’ve made their life better with your product 
  • The importance of tech companies partnering with farmers 
  • Why having an ag background matters in agtech 
  • What farmers are looking for when they agree to trial a new product (e.g., with FarmerTrials.com), and why trials are so tough for venture-backed companies
  • Just how hard it is to balance working ON the business and IN the business


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