Episode 13: Trent Loos on bridging the rural-urban divide

Trent Loos is a 6th generation rancher from Nebraska. One day 20 years ago, he got fed up with consumers not knowing where their food comes from so he started a radio program to close this gap. Now he has over 4 million radio listeners all over the world on his programs Rural Route and Loos Tales

In this episode we discuss:

I finally met Trent in Iowa! Here's the proof.

I finally met Trent in Iowa! Here's the proof.

  • Rural urban divide and tips for how to close the gap (honesty is the best policy, even with potentially touchy subjects!)
  • Why Trent doesn’t farm organic, and how he does farm
  • The tech Trent is using on his farm and his challenges with ear tags for pigs
  • Who’s getting saturated with tech options in livestock and who’s not
  • Why Sarah asks all the questions and what Simon and Trent know about chicken wings and the NFL ;)
  • Ag social media and the internet: what’s working and where farmers are getting information these days 
  • The best “small world” story I’ve ever heard (featuring a bull named Woof’s Choice)
  • The importance of resilience in farming and entrepreneurship


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