Episode 12: Sam Marwood on farmer and investor matchmaking

Sam Marwood is an environmental scientist, Director of Operations at Odonata and a co-founder at Cultivate Farms, a marketplace to help aspiring farmers connect with investors (and farms). Sam's mission is to rejuvenate regional communities and help answer a critical question he gets all the time, "how do I become a farmer?"

In this episode, Sam tells us:

  • What it’s like to quit your job to become an entrepreneur
  • The power of social media to reach your audience, even (or especially) in agriculture
  • How aspiring farmers can get “investment ready” with Sam's help, and where to start
  • The balance of having a for profit business with a social good, and constantly having to assure investors he's not looking for, or giving, any handouts!

Apologies in advance for a bit of background noise at the end...we caught Sam on his way to work on the train!