Episode 7: Sam Trethewey on SproutX, Australia's first agtech accelerator

On this week's episode we welcome Sam Trethewey, General Manager of SproutX, and one of the key people involved in building Australia's agtech ecosystem. SproutX, owned by Findex and the National Farmers Federation, is Australia's first agtech accelerator. They also feature a pre-accelerator, co-working space, and other resources to support innovation in agriculture across Australia. 

In this episode, Sam digs in to: 

  • What an accelerator is, what it means for agriculture, and how to know if you're ready to apply
  • 3 ways for farmers to get involved in the agtech scene
  • Why Australia shouldn't (and maybe can't) become "the Silicon Valley" of agtech, but rather should focus on being distinctly Australian 
  • Other emerging innovation models, and whether SproutX sees them as competitors 
  • Low hanging fruit for agtech- where the opportunities are for both tech companies and industry players
  • The gaps in the agtech ecosystem in Australia, and how to close them
  • Whether the rural / urban divide is actually a problem, and whether we have enough women in agtech
The SproutX Ecosystem model. Credit: SproutX

The SproutX Ecosystem model. Credit: SproutX

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