Episode 6: Kevin Baum on Sales, Marketing, and Building a Team in AgTech

This week's episode comes to you from the Sydney AgTech Meetup, featuring Kevin Baum, CEO of AgriWebb. AgriWebb, based in Sydney, provides livestock and farm management software. A regular on the agtech scene with lots of successes behind them, AgriWebb has grown to a team of 17, raised over $8M, and won multiple iAwards.

In this episode, Kevin tells us about:

  • The AgriWebb origin story, including why the name has two b's, and how their American CEO ended up on a farm in Australia
  • How AgriWebb built their team, what they'd do differently next time, and how to ensure engineers spend time with customers
  • What it's like to raise venture capital, and why it may not always be a great fit for agtech startups
  • The pros and cons of strategic partnerships and accelerators, and how they can help with global expansion
  • Hard-earned software sales and marketing lessons for agtech, including surprises about what works and what doesn't  

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