Episode 4: Olympia Yarger on Building an Insect Farming Industry

Olympia Yarger farms maggots. And crickets. And mealworms. Her company, Goterra, is using technology to create a new and protein-focused farming industry...based on insects!

Olympia is quick to explain she's an agriculture company using technology, not a technology company focused on agriculture. Drawing on her farming background, she's committed to building out a supply chain- and industry- for insect farming in Australia. 

In this episode, Olympia takes us through:

  • Who eats insects and why, and the differences between crickets, mealworms, and black soldier flies
  • The challenges ahead for building an insect protein industry, such as transparency, managing the perception of insects, regulations, and developing a supply chain
  • Why Australia is a great place to farm bugs
  • What it's like to talk to farmers, government, and investors about bugs
Learn more about Goterra at https://goterra.com.au/

Learn more about Goterra at https://goterra.com.au/